April 24, 2018




Hey remember when i told you about how we walk (Partly) to Church with some investigators? PLAN BACK FIRED. They never want to see us again. I was thinking "Hey maybe we asked too much from them 11K is really far..." and then I read in the Liahona of a guy and his friend who rode their bike for 2hrs (both ways) every Sunday just to go to Church. I then remembered that although the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone...not everyone is for the Gospel. It was hard because this family is very sweet but now we can focus on people who are willing to make sacrifices. 

I know I sounded kinda rude in that last sentence but the thing about faith is that we get tested to the last bit of our faith so we can reach out a little closer to Christ grab on to His strength, so we can come closer to Him. For them the edge of their faith was 11km. For others it is abstaining from coffee, tea, and alcohol. Every person is different and has different trials. But we all have one Savior that is we rely on Him we can become stronger than we ever were before.
Anyways this week was Easter! UGH I LOVE EASTER SO MUCH!! Easter here is kinda different than how it is in America. Here they REALLY celebrate the death of Christ with huge parades and festivals. In America we celebrate mostly His Resurrection. Jesus Christ overcame death.
Isn't that amazing?
I can't comprehend it really. But I do know some things for sure. That He is our Savior. That He suffered our sins so that we may be repent and be clean again. AND...... He loves us. He loves us so much and I am so happy for it. 
You know what my Flilipina companions have never done before? Paint Easter Eggs! You ALREADY KNOW WHAT YA GURL HAD TO DO. I bought some eggs and we boiled and painted some BEAUTIFUL EGGS. They were so into painting eggs that like they kinda spent a long time o them and when it came to the point where i Announced that we needed to break the eggs to make deviled eggs for the dinner later. WELL GUESS WHO WAS TURNED INTO THE WORST PERSON EVER....ME. They couldn't believe I wanted to break their creations. So ugh I let them keep most of them until it was bout 15 minutes before the Easter Dinner at the Elderly Couple Missionaries home, then I broke some and made the fastest deviled eggs ever. We didn't have any paprika so I used fejita seasoning. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. It was so amazing. We even gave custom painted eggs to the other missionaries there. One Elder had just had toenail surgery so I painted him an egg that looks like him and I added a cane because he has a cane now. I am so funny.
So many wonderful moment here in San Carlos but the time has come to spread my wings and TRANSFER! Haha so weird I spent 1/3 of my mission here!  Last night was transfer callls and the phone starts ringing and Iit says "President Pajaro" AHHHHH he only calls us personally if one of us is getting a BIG assignment. So I pic up the phone and he asks if he could talk to Sister Torcelino... SHE IS NOW AN STL!!!! I am so proud of her!!! 
Cue me realizing what could very well be happening. Since she would be transferring to be an STL I realized I could very well be staying San Carlos...for 7 1/2 months.....I had to take a seat. I've heard of the glories of going to your second area...where you become even better in your was so close...and now it was probably gone.
BUT APRIL FOOLS CAME TWICE THIS WEEK AND YA GURL IS GOING TO CEBU!!!!Guess who is going to be my new comp???? SISTER EYSLEEE!!!! \HAHAHAHA This is too wonderful!!!

Well that's about it I'll try to post a pic of what our zone t-shirts look like oh and turns out my camera still has my pics #BLESSSEEEEDDDD

Okay thats about it!!! 
I love you alll!!!
I get to watch General Conference this week!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!
Sister McKendrick

Me: *picks up weed* Is this food? *puts it close to my mouth*S. Torcelino: No! Not that is not food Sister McKendrick! 
hahah i am such a turd sometimes


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