April 24, 2018




Turns out that is the nickname of my zone because we are closest to the hospital. People usually get transferred here if they have lots of doctor visits. District meeting was fun because they sang a song about how we are the Rehab Zone and then I awkwardly laughed along because it is true... I go to the doctor....a lot. SORRY THAT  I NEED EXTRA ATTENTION!!!

Haha anyways Basak is lovely as ever! i like to play thing game where I avoid the broken glass and trash everywhere! I haven't lost yet! haha but legit it is so much fun here I talk to about a billion people everyday.
I think I scared Sister Eyslee the other day because we passed this big group of scary looking men and I just turned around and started introducing us and the Church and they were all wanting to shake my hands but I know when I am walking close to the edge so I instead did the next best thing and just handed them pass-along cards. They didn't come to Church but now they have lovely pictures of Jesus Christ. Sister Eyslee kinda kept her space from them and after that she told me she was thinking "What did San Carlos do to her?"
Haha everything. 
ANYWAYS. Those moment happen a lot here. You know in cartoons when there is a big scary looking man and then a little girl smiles at him and he gives back a genuine big semi-toothless smile? That happens like everyday. It is FUN!
There is a ward here so it was so cool to see the Church building so full on Sunday. It was General Conference (Which was so good please go watch it if you haven't yet)and in between sessions we had lunch but Sis Eyslee and I forgot to bring something to eat and our ward is like "GET OVER HERE" and they fed us GOOD. 
I had that feeling where even though was half way across the world I just KNEW that the the Church was true no matter where in the world it is. It was a great feeling.
I have discovered my "golden line" basically this is what i call  introducing lines we missionaries give when we meet someone for the first time. Anyways if you get them to laugh then that is instant friendship...GOLDEN LINES ARE NEEDED.
And I have found mine.
Basically when I says "Ako si Sister McKendrick" then then repeat my name slowly because it is a long name and then they go "taas kaayo siya" (its really long) and then I go "Oo, tungod taas kaayo ko!" (Yes, because I am tall!"). Then then die of laughter and agree that I am so tall. It is so much fun. 
One cute thing that is here is that kids are making kites out of trash and they are so adorable I saw a six year old with his red-and-white striped kite strapped to his back and he was carrying in some water for his family and he was going as fast as he could to bring in the water because he just wanted to fly his kite so badly. I mean it was so adorable.
We are teaching some lovely families right now and i just love teaching families because that just means then can be together forever. I love that. I love that the Gospel is true and I am so happy to be here in the City.
Oh one other thing is that if you all forgot Sister Eyslee was my MTC companion. She is so amazing and so Iwas surprised that we got called to be companions because we are both struggling with the language but let me tell you....everything works out if you just try. We are definitely not fluent but we get by and we just try to invite people to come unto Christ.
Also shining moment for Sister Eyslee and the fact that her sign language came in handy because one of our investigators is a death-mute and she just signed the 1st lesson to her like nobody's business. It was amazing I was internally scream cheering her on.
That's about it.
I love you all so much! Keep doing your best !
Love, Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEK: (brought to you by Elder Maltby, a Elder from my MTC batch)

*after I talked about living in the South*Elder M: I should've grown up i the south, I would've been the perfect southern belle.
You know a sense he's right. he really would've been an amazing southern belle


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