May 22, 2018




Okay before I send the pics of these I gotta inofrm you all that Kyle got baptized because he wanted to and nobody forced him.

THE REASON I am saying this is because Kyle looks like he is so sad in the baptism pics. Like his frown is such a lie. I kept on doing all the funny face I could so i get him to smile and  he was so strong he only smiled in between pictures. I love him so much. The baptism was beautiful and I was so happy to see him get baptized! He is such a joy!

After the baptism we decided that we had to celebrate our housemates birthday so we bought her a small cake and we were trying to surprise her and she so we ahve the lights off, candle are light, we are hid all we have to do now is lure her to the kitchen. 
So I start saying "Sister LEEE I AM DYING PLEASE HELP!" and she doesnt come. So finally I pick up a pot and I look at the other sisters if I should do what I think I should do and they cover their ears and slowly nod and I drop the pot and BANG  she comes out like "Sister McKendrick unsa nahitabo!????" and it was jsut a birthday cake waiting for her and 3 sisters who love her so mcuh singing happy birthday! She is so awesome!

Anyways I gotta tell you... I AM NOT A PERFECT MISSIONARY! I try my best and sometimes I mess up and that's okay what is important is that as missionaries is that we always try to improve ourselves an come unto Christ. Anyways whay am i writing this? well earlier this week I wasnt really wanting to get out of bed. Id didnt really feel like walking around in the heat and yeah i just wasnt feeling super missionary. It happens sometimes. But what do I do? I still get out the door and WHAT DO MY EYES SEE????  a lump of trash moving throughout the streets! I was shocked! What was it doing? I looked closer and it was a woman!!! She was just wearing a lot of trash!! I KNEW I HAD TO SPEAK TO HER. But there were so many cars and I soon lsot sight of her. I was so sad. But within a couple minutes I found her SITTING BESIDE A TREE AND I KNEW MY OPPORTUNITY HAD COME!
 I squat down and start talking and this lady is such a treasure she ahd about 20 earrings in each ear, cloth bracelets and anklets, a she also had some raybans with not lens on them and because it didnt have the ear holder things they were just strapped to her head with strips of cloth. She was so beautiful. I started inviting her to Church and randomn passerbys were trying to tell me not to talk to her but I ignored them and anyways she is wonderful and I dont know what else to do but to jsut say that she is amazing and I pray she comes to Church.
I love being a missioanry even if somedays it is really hot outside and I get catcalls everywhere I go. I still love being a missionary. 
i hope you all have a great week and I love you all so much!
Love Sister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEK:Me: *Dying in Sacrament because I am super sick*Ward Clerk: Hey Sister Mac-Kendrick can you give a talk in about 5 minutes?Me: Oh yeah totally
haha turns out i didnt have to give one because the orginal speaker came just in time but haha still super fun


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