June 7, 2018



Nay, are you busy?

his week was quite the roller coaster!

On Sunday we go to Church and there are investigators there but they are death! Cue in Sister Eyslee who is totes amazin and knows sign language. it was such a beautiful Sunday and that night we were fed do good by a member. We were just expecting some rice and sudan but no there are two huge pizza hut pizzas, lechon manok, and like everything else that you just eat that is amazing. I was full, she then offered us cake, then I was REALLY full. (you don't turn down cake)
So this dinner was amazing and one fun conversation was that this one Sister was talking about her niece in America had a mother-in-law who tried to make a Filipino feast for her niece and was so scared of the filipino market because the fish they were selling had heads and smelled bad. Then this one sister was concerned why the mother-in-law  was shocked by the fish having heads. We had to explain that there usually no heads on the fish when they are sold in America. She was so concerned that I was all Americans to know right now that the fish you eat....had heads! I am telling the truth!!! They had heads before!! I am sorry if this is shocking but I felt like you had to know the truth!!!!
Anyways later that night i am telling Sister Eyslee how full I am. I say it about 7 times. Later i am taking some medicine and she is telling me a funny story and i start choking on my water and i FALL AND I STARTED THROWING UP. 
No joke! it was 10:15 at night and I was a medical mystery!! Sister Eyslee started freaking out and i was so confused and then I start blaming her because she was so funny so late at night. and yeah that was Sunday night.
Work has been pretty slow lately because of the election here. Everyone is busy and so we are just trying to teach anyone who will listen and yeah not a lot of people are wanting to listen right now. 
I think one miracle that happened earlier today was i was in the mission office earlier today and I SAW SISTER MURPHY. I was so sad i would never see her again because she is going home next week.We both started freaking out it was a total blessing we hugged, we cried, Elders who were watching started singing "God be with you till we meet again" and yeah I just love Sister Murphy so much. God gives us tender mercies because He loves us and he knows we need a pick-me-up sometimes.
I love you all very much!
LoveSister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEK:Me: Nay, are you busy right now?Her: *smashing cement rock with a hammer* yeah. But I can listen to you for a bit. *cleans up area and sets up broken chair, then points to the ground* take a seat
No one sat on the chair, she asked half-way through the lesson if we were politicians to give her money, and she gave the prayer at the end but no one heard her and it lasted probably 8 minutes.

Sorry no pics!!!


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