June 7, 2018




Okay so we were heading home from an appointment and on one of the billion telephone wires above us was a rat that was just trying to get home to his family and then suddenly this bird comes in and is flying circles around the rat and trying to knock it off and the RAT JUST KEPT RUNNING. It was so intense. I think the rat escaped but wow I am not really deprived of television here because i just have to look around and I'll find something chill to watch.

i GOT TO CALL MY FAMILY THIS WEEK! It was so amazing but it seemed like the world was against me when I was trying to call them because all the computer shops in our area didn't have web cams and the one that did told us last minute it was broken. Sister Eyslee then starts getting frustrated and then Im like "we gotta go to the city" so we call our STLs and we head to the city and we call there. It was about a half hour ride in a chill jeepney (sometimes jeepneys look so funky that when they come rolling down the street I hear "Funky town" start playing in my head) anyways if was really hot and I felt a little dead but everything got better because I got to see my family.
This week has been a pretty crazy because of the election and it is some Catholic Saints holiday or something. I dont know we were just walking down the street and then this marching band and full on parade comes out behind us and I am silently screaming to Sister Eyslee "No...NO...NOOOOO. We are not gonna lead a Catholic Parade right now!!!" Everyone is so chill here they totally would have let two Mormon missionaries lead the parade but uh that would not have been right.
Well that's about it for the week.
I love all please have a good week!!
Sister McKendrick
P.S Transfer calls came Ia m staying with Sister Eyslee!
Lady: You need to learn bisaya because when Filipinos go to America they learn English over thereMe:I've been speaking to you in Bisaya the entire time


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