June 7, 2018




Children of Def Squad 
Okay so imagine teaching someone a wonderful lesson. They feel the Holy Ghost and they tell you they felt peace when you spoke and they believe everything you said is true. You then ask them if they want to go to Church. They then say "Uh, maybe next time" 

okay now imagine that like EVERY DAY AND LESSON. 
Anyways so I have been just so confused as to why its been so hard for people to go to Church and I had interviews with President and Sister Pajaro on Monday and it hits me, I GOTTA WORK WITH THE MEMBERS. President told me that working with members is the best way to work because everything runs so much more smoothly. Deff Squad
Anyways the deaf family that was here on vacation is going back to their home this week. I hope their friends will keep attending and wow I just wish I knew sign language. 
This week has been fun I mean we've taught wonderful people. One really sweet lady we taught then after the lesson gave us a sculpture of clams playing poker. It is so large and fragile I don't know what to do with it? #NotTheSituationIExpectedToBeIn 
My pen broke through my scripture bag and i got a totally rad design on my skirt #BLE$$ED

Haha I think that the hardest part being on the mission is knowing people know that what you teach is true but they dont act on their faith. It is really sad. 
But I know that seeds of faith grow at different paces and that one day everything will be alright.Spider in da house!
I love you all so much!!!
LINE OF THE WEEK:Me: *making funny faces at another sister*Old lady: *Gasps*Me: Oh no I just scared an old ladyOld Lady: Gwapa
I really wish you all knew how much everyone here is obsessed with my nose. #FilipinaKabalayWakeMeUpToThemBothPokingMyNose


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