July 25, 2018



oui oui monopoly

So I hope you all have been having a great week! We now have a investigator who is just golden! She is Sister Vicete and I love her so much she was a referral we got from a member in Manila and she is just understanding the Gospel so well. |We invited her to watch a devotional by Elder D. Todd Christofferson and she came!! I asked her how she was and she goes "a little tired" i asked why and she goes "I was up till 2 AM watching the Joseph Smith movie. I was like "Whattt???" She is just so amazing and i don't want her losing sleep and all that jazz but hey let me just say when i asked her  about her feelings about The Book of Mormon, she told me that when she reads it and all her worries seems to fade and she can sleep at night.

So she is set to be baptized in about 4 weeks! I am so excited!
We also had Zone Conference this week and it was a blast. I once again was the brave soul who started eating first when it came to lunch time. The Sisters are supposed to eat first so I could see all the Elders looking anxious as all the other Sister were chatting it up and I look at them and tell them i know my duty and head off with a plate in one hand, utensils in the other, and hunger in my stomach because I was a fool and missed breakfast. #SuchABraveSoul
Zone Conference was amazing as usual and it was also weird because the AP who has been AP since I got here gave his farewell testimony and wow you hear of missionaries who you'll never forget and i want you all to know that i will never forget the AP who looked like the kid from the Alaska condensed milk can. Haha in all seriousness he is one of the missionaries who knew his purpose from the start of his mission and never held back from working hard. Very happy we had him as AP for so long even though he probably was dying on the inside for being AP for 9 months. 
All in all a good week. I think my favorite part is just getting to understand The Atonement more and more. Seriously... no matter how much I study about The Atonement I feel like i am learning so much and still understand how much i don't know. I am very thankful that we have a Savior who atoned for our sins because he loves us. He loves us so much.
Love you all!! 
Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEKMe: Wow you're playing monopoly? hows it going?Elder Muli: not so goodMe: why?Elder Muli: Its in french.​


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