August 1, 2018



Pure Philippines

Thats what I call Bonifacio. I knew i was going to a rural place when i was told there was not gonna be a Jollibee for miles and miles. But I....lOVE IT HERe SO MUCH!!!! 

Let me try to describe it for you. 
You ride a trike? Yeah so are about 10 other people. Hows that possible? 2 are on top 3 are on the bike and 5 are actually in the side car thing Side note: Mom do not worry everyone always makes sure the white girl is in the safest place.

You cross a bridge? Well the bridge is just a whole bunch of basket ball sized rocks stacked on top of eachother about 6 feet high. Side Note: Everyone tells me to go super slow on this. I go super slow on this but its chill mom. Totally fine.
You hungry? Just grab a coconut from the tree outside your house.
You grab a coconut and the realize after stabbing it about fifty times you dont know how to open up a coconut? Thats chill jsut ask the old nanay if she can hack it open for you. Side Note: Filifpino may be super skinny but their bones are titanium.

All in all my companion and i are just LOVING the work here. Its only been about 5 days but we already have 22 new investigators and we have baptism coming uyp in the near future!!! IT is so great. Sister Custan is fluent in Bisaya and so although i was already functional in Bisaya my bisaya is growing so much because of her. NOt only that i am also learning some illongo. So imagine that you felt pretty confident in a new language now imagine get transferred to a new area where they speak half of the language you already know and then half of another new one #IFeelLikeIAmInTrainingAgain haha buts its really cool!!! Maybe Ill now 3 languages when i come back home!!
Hey speaking of a languages i saw a deaf guy and i tried to go up and talk to him but then he stared at me weird and then everyone was telling me "No sister! He doesnt understand! He only knows Drink and Eat!" so awkward!!!Anyways thats just life sometimes

Ilove you all i hope you are having a great time!!!
Sister McKendrick
P.S Happy 4th of July. I am wearing such an ugly red white and blue outfit combination but its worth it for America

LINE OF THE WEEK*Bumpin EFY song is playing and Sister Custan and I are silently singing along and the totally rad chorus is about to hit*Me: Ah Yeah!! Take it away Sister Custan!!Sister Custan: *turns off music*Me: *explains what "take it away means"* 


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