August 1, 2018



They're climbin' in yo' windows trying to let the Nanay in!

I love the PHILIPPINES. Was I hit on by a creepy guy at the waiting shed (bus stop)???? Yes I was but even his weirdness can stop this Sister from being happy....LETS DO THIS!!!FIRST OF ALLL.... I celebrated FOurth of July with a Slurpee and Hotdogs. Was it as big as Taylor Swifts party? Probably not. But I doubt she slipped a slurpee here in the Philippines so thats all that is cool. Also back to the coconut thing. I tried to open it but Nay was like "No yu are going to cut off your hand!!!!" and took the machete from me. therefore i am writing this, to this day, with both hands. #ThankYouNay4 investigators came to Church! It was wonderful! I am just loving the area and how wonderful the people are here.You know what just yestrday I looked up as we were proseyleting and I EVERYONE WAS STARING AT ME. i totes forgot that happened. Sometimes I look in the mirror and i am like "Whoa, I am white" Very true. This does happen.One thing I really learned this week is faith and love can overcome fear. I was a little shaken this week in my confidence in my Bisaya. Some lessons were really weird becasue of that and i just spat out the normal missonary phrases just to get through lessons. I was tryign to avoid how bad they were but Sister Custan loves me an all that stuff and she told me that i hve too much fear and then gues what? I did have too much fear. I know this language. I have nothing to prove when i speak. What i need to do is just speak out of love not trying to prove to people that i can communicate with them. SO ya Sister got her act together and spoke out of love and things went a whole lot better. I love working and i am glad i had a little bit of a hard day or two so i can just feel how sweet the days are when i just put my trust in the Lord.I love you all! Keep on praying!

LOVESister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEK:*fixing fans*S. Custan: Here let me unscrew that.Me: uh sureCustan: *tries using knife as screw driver*Custan: Oh no. It is broken

It twas broken!


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