August 1, 2018



Sister McKendrick goes to the hospital!

YEAH! So I have not had the nicest stomach in the last week and I called the Mission Nurse and well next thing I know is that I am being stabbed with needles #NoFearCuzISoldPlasmaInCollege. But anyways they are basically pumping me with Gatorade and well I had to stay overnight and so it was just a slumber party!!! 

But yeah I am fine now! Don't you worry about me! I even got wheeled in a wheelchair and you already know that One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest song started playing in my head. VEry catchy! ANyways, we have a baptism coming up on August 4! 

I am so excited they are Part-Member kids whoa re just the sweetest!!! I love them so much anyways we had Zone Conference yesterday and I think I am the only white young girl in the entire Negros Occidental but its fine! I

 got to see some missionaries give their farewell testimonies yesterday some were really close friends of mine and man the worst thing is when they are standing right in front of you and you already miss them. 

Its the worst honestly. But I love them all so much and I know that they are going to do great things with their lives. Sometimes people think that "great things" mean that they will gain fame or fortune but in reality when we follow God's plan and just understand His will we become so happy and that is entirely the greatest thing. 

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so real. When we just turn to Him and repent and follow His Example, no matter how many times we mess up we will be forgiven. We have a Savior who loves us all so much. His love is stronger than our sorrows. We need to trust him.
Love,Sister McKendrick
Me: We can't leave the hospital yet they still need my stool sampleElder: Okay well let's go get it!!Me: No! WAit it doesn't work like that!
Anyways this is one of the Senior Elders and he thought I was talking about buying the plastic cup and basically, I laughed so hard.


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