August 9, 2018



Bonifacio BAPTISM

JOHN LEIHI GOT BAPTIZED AND IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.  John Leihi was an investigator who we were teaching. He is 10 and just so adorable. We have this thing where we pretend to give each other a high five but then we scratch our heads. Anyways he was baptized and I got pics!

I was talking to my companion last night and we were both talking about how preaching here is much more forward than in the USA. You just ask "Hi, how are you?" "Where are you going?" "Where are you from?" basically just be super forward and invite them to Church. 

Anyways as I write this an old weird guy is standing behind me with his son if they understand this or not I do not kn- okay he left. Anyways that's life in the Philippines when you are a white girl. 

THere was a wedding and it was so beautiful! They spoke a lot of it in Ilonggo so that was a treat! It was such fun! Everyone made such the missionaries did not participate in the bouquet toss. That part was really funny.

The other night there was a farewell dinner given by some members for an Elder and a Sister going home. It was really sweet well we actually had just come from a different farewell dinner and so i was already full so I only put a little bit of rice on my plate and was so happy I chose wisely in my rice portion. THEN THE ELDER RIGHT NEXT TO ME DUMPS A WHOLE LOAD OF RICE ON MY PLATE AND IT BASICALLY LIKE "That was a pathetic amount of rice. That's not happening on my last night here." 

Did I feel like dying? YES. Buts its chill
I love you all so much!

Sister McKendrick

P.S pray tonight!

LINE OF THE WEEK*Sister Custans birthday dinner*S. Custan: Bro. Landao candles cant be lit in Church buildings!Bro. Landao :*mocks S. Custan and lights candle anyways"


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