August 29, 2018



Sunday Morning Miracles

So this Sunday we were really hoping that some friends we've been teaching would come to Church. Well, its the same family where Tay said a humble prayer and well okay I love their family so much. Sister had a stroke so half of her body has been slowly coming back into function her and her husband has been helping her with her exercises and they are such a sweet couple. 

So we had a Family Home Evening with their neighbor who is a member and they came to it and it was so lovely. Like at one point their like "Okay Sister McKendrick has the game." and I'm like "What?" So luckily i mention a game everyone knows and they all agree and wow so much pressure in one moment. Anyways it was a lovely time and my companion and I felt that they would surely come to Church.
Sunday happens and as we are riding the trike to the Church I we see that their grandson is riding a trike but they are not with him. But I felt that I should lose hope. Because miracles happen. They really do.
A Miracle happened! They came and it was so lovely and the members were so kind to them and so many of their friends are already members and wow just so amazing! 
It was all so beautiful and I am so thankful for the fact that they came because they wanted to come. I feel like sometimes non-members come to Church because they are friends with the missionaries but they do not really come for the Gospel part but this family knows that they want to know the Gospel. 
I love helping people come unto Christ.

I love you all! have a great week!!!
Love Sister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEKNay trying to teach me how to make a pouch for rice.: you made a mistakeMe: aw manother Nay watching: *laughing*
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