September 21, 2018



Let's Time Travel

Do you remember Sister Evelyn from my first area?

The lovely lady from my first area #SanCarlosForDaysss , who loves the Gospel so much she read The Book of Mormon about a billion times?
Who couldn't be baptized because she wasn't yet married to her live-in partner? 
And couldn't be married because of some other stuff?
Anyways I was just minding my own business this week when I get a text from a Senior Missionary telling me about how they went to S. Evelyn's house and guess who's getting married? 
Sister Evelyn.
My heart was full.
She said she is going to Manila to get married so she can be baptized and I am just so happy.
Just reminds me how God is mindful of everyone and we just do the best we can and God will help with the rest.
Things are going great here in Bonifacio. Lots of daily miracles. I mean yesterday I dropped my umbrella while riding the back of the trike and the guy behind me jumps off his trike, grabs my umbrella, and races toward me and I reach for my umbrella and guess who does not have to know buy her 8th umbrella? I mean I don't know if that officially qualifies as miracles but I was grateful nonetheless.
I am s-Okay these 6-year-old kids just came into the computer shop and they are taking turns staring at me. It is kinda adorable.
I am so sorry no picture this week! My computer is weird and I am so sorry!!!
I love you all!!!!
Sister McKendrick


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