September 21, 2018



I met a secret agent... or did I ?

So on Wednesday, we got transfer calls and I already knew something was gonna happen because we got transfer calls on Wednesday, not Tuesday. Tuesday is the usual time to get transfer calls and last time we got transfer calls on Wednesday I got transferred. So I am getting transferred. 

I will be leaving Bonifacio B and will be follow-up training Sister Siocon and also opening a new area, Old Escalante B. 
I was so shocked by the calls and well I am so excited about this new opportunity! 
Very fun! Sister Siocon and I met yesterday and she is just a sweetheart! 
I packed all my things as fast as I could and the Bonifacio Ward had a farewell party for me. They are so sweet! I am really going to miss all of them! 
There is so much progression in Bonifacio it was a little hard to leave all of them. I had to travel to San Carlos and we were just traveling all over the place. At one point I did, in fact, stare at a newborn baby for like 7 minutes. He was so cute. 
Also here is a fun story that happened on Wednesday while I was riding the bus. I was sitting on an empty two seat row and guy from an empty three seat comes over and sits by me with all of his luggage, so much luggage, and explains to me that its easier to sit by me than the row that has three seats and well his explanation didn't really make sense but I was like "Okay! Sounds cool" and so I start trying to get to know him, his name, his job, and all that stuff. Just being friendly and he looks a little weirded out. I ask what his job is and he goes "Uhhh secret" and I joke and go "Haha Secret Agent huh?" and then he gets a phone call and raises his eyebrows at me twice and raising eyebrows in the Philippines means yes and so I was now a little weirded out. Like if this guy really is a secret agent then he is not that good because eh just told me but if he is not then he is crazy. So at the end of the ride, he shows me his I.D and it did indeed say he was part of the armed forces so yeah he looked so proud to be a secret agent. I am proud of him too.

Well, wish me luck with everything! It is not the easiest thing to open an area but hey LIFE AINT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY.
I love you all 
Always remember to pray!!
Sister McKendrick

Sister Custan: You need to leave money for the electric billMe: okay but not the water bill because you have flooded the house twice now. 


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