December 14, 2018




We had mission tour this week! So much fun!!! Elder Wakolo from the Area Presidency came and visited us. He is so amazing! He taught us so much and I really am so thankful for all that I learned! He told us he was taught by the missionaries for 8 years. He didn't like The Book of Mormon at all in those 8 years. So eventually he told the missionaries to come to him for 3 nights. He will have questions for him and they could only use The Bible to answer them! So his questions were getting answered but he still didnt believe the missionaries then on the last day one of the missionaries asked him "Brother Wakolo if you had a grocery store, what would you call it?" and he replied "I would name it it after my name for it would be the family grocery store." to that the missionary replied "Dont you think that the true Church of Jesus Christ would have the name of the owner in it's name?" 

Elder Wakolo was dumb founded he thought back to all of the churches he was members of before. He couldn't recall any of them actually saying they were the Church of Jesus Christ. He then thought of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he realized that the true Church of Christ would be named after the owner of the Church.
He then told the missionaries he has one more question and if they don't answer positively he will never join the Church.
He asked when can he be baptized.

He has such a strong testimony and The Book of Mormon? The book he loathed before? It is his favorite. 
That is the special message of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We truly believe that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. 
It really was an amazing mission tour. 
I love all of you!!!
Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEKMe:Is that dog dead?Member:He forgot to breathe.


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