December 14, 2018



New Adventure

So you know how I started this transfer by being a follow-up trainer and also by opening Old Escalante for future Sisters? #WeAreTheFirst! WELL WE ARE NOW WHITE WASHING THE ELDERS AREA. Haha good thing my companion and I are up for these adventures!! 
Oh hey! Here's a miracle that happened!
Last week my companion and I felt like going out past our usual time and try to teach a family that we didn't even know where their house is.So its really dark we are trying to get a trike and all teh trikes so ao expensive at this point. We are about to give up when suddenly this guy on a trike pulls up and asks if we need to got to Old Escalante. |WE get on the trike. As we are riding the trike we tell the driver that we are going to Delpilar which to visit the Ape family. Well he didn't know them BUT the drunk man who was also riding the trike did! So he gladly led us to their house. So I know what you are thinking "Sister McKendrick what are you thinking?" well the thing is while  I was on the trike I prayed really really hard for protection and as I got of the trike and followed the drunk man I felt peace. I know sometimes we gotta do scary things but we dont have to do the scary things in fear. WE found the house and we taught the family. It was amazing.
I am thankful that the best way for us to receive a prompting from eh Holy Ghost is to ask what we can do to help others
I get to watch General Conference thsi weekend I heard things are gonna be so cool!
I love you all!!
Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEKMe: I will cook the buwad! (the fish in pic below)*15 mins later*Fire alarm goes off, smoke is everywhere, almost burnt fish is eaten and Sister McKendrick loses trust with all buwad for about 2 weeks


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