December 14, 2018



Wednesday Morning

Okay so on Tuesday I started feeling better from being sick and it was AMAZING we went and worked and it WONDERFFULLLL then Tuesday night at around 11:30 I got a text saying I was going to be a trainer (!!!) I was so excited I jsut couldn't sleep! Super excited to train her in Old Escalante!
THEN Wednesday Morning I get a text. I will be white washing again and training at the same time! I was kinda used to white washing so I was excited for this new opportunity! I will be white washing in San Carlos 2B which is right next to my first area! Haha it's crazy! BUT      T H E N
I get a call from a former companion in Bonifacio she asks why I didnt tell her why I didnt tell her why I was the new STL? (Sister Training Leader) and I was like...."What? I didnt know I was the new STL" 
SOWednesday was like the craziest day everI had to pack everything and the entire I am shaking because I dont know this is my 4th time white washing and I've never trained before and I totally didn't see myself becoming a mission leader any time soon so I was just really really confused and scared but I could just feel peace as well. I could feel the words "I know what you can do" when I was so doubtful of my own capabilities but our Heavenly Father knows what we are capable of and we just take it step by step. I got my anak (trainee) yesterday. She is Sister Schaap and she is so lovely and she is just sooo cool she like plays rugby and all that cool stuff. I am so excited to help her love the Philippines!!!!Thanks for all the support you all give me! I love you all and I love how much love we can feel when we put others first.Go out and pray!!!LOVESister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEKSister Custan: Why didnt you tell me you where the new STL?Me: I....I didn't know that. WHAT?!!
It was like that moment in Harry Potter when Hagrid is like "Yer a Wizard Harry" but like missionary version. 


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