December 14, 2018



You Wanna Go to Church?

I invite people everyday if they will go to Church on Sunday. They usually say yes but then on Sunday are a no show. Well yesterday I asked this this sister after we finished teaching her and she goes "dili gyud" which means "No WAY!" haha I almost laughed \I've never had a response like that. She seems to be a little head strong but we'll see how she feels after a couple lessons. 

My trainee is absolutely wonderful I love her drive to learn the language. Bisaya is not the easiest thing to learn but I love her drive to try and speak it. We have a baptism coming up and it is going to be amazing because this area has not had a baptism in a long time.  I am so happy that Sister Schaap gets to witness a baptism so soon. I love teaching people about Christ. I love telling every trike driver I can about how Church is for everyone. I love the days where my body wants to give out from being punted all day but God gives be a little more strength to go a little further. I love helping others come closer to our Savior. I love the fact that no matter how bad our days seems we may find peace in our Redeemer. 
Thanks for all the support you all give me! I you see some missionaries....say hi and talk to them! It will make their day!Love Sister McKendrick


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