February 12, 2019



Johannah and Fionah

Well this week we had a BAPTISMMMMMM!!! It was beautiful I was kinda really stressing it because this is my first baptism here and I am leading this area and I had no idea if everything was gonna turn out as it was supposed to and well lo and behold I get to the chapel about two hours early to try to see what I can do and the font is filled the programs are about to be printed and everything was okay. I am so thankful for San Carlos Branch 2. I love how I can depend on them. Before the baptismal service started Sister Schaap and I were asked to give talks the next day in Sacrament. Sister Schaap who is now 3 weeks into the field was a little surprised at this offer but we accepted the opportunity anyways.
The baptism was amazing! So many members showed up to give support! 
On Sunday we taught a less-active member and he was very COOL. He carves wood sculptures and I asked if he takes orders and so jsut imagine this 74 year old filipino man covered in arm tattoo with medium long hair and he just goes "I don't take orders. I see the faces inside the wood and I help them escape". 
Very cool. Will totally take pictures next time.
We had exchanges this week I love working with all the Sisters in these two Zones. They are so kind and loving. I love learning from them and even though I am their STL I feel like I am learning more from them! haha but I love learning! 
I think one of the biggest struggles right now is that my tone of speaking is medjo illongo (it sounds like I am singing when I talk) and well I just gotta get the Bisayan accent back.
I love this area! So much potential! So much love! I am thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ! I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for the Gospel. I am thankful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and I am thankful that we have a modern-day Prophet, Presdient Russell M. Nelson. I am probably teh most thankful I have ever been in my life and I am so happy to just know that even though we have hard days our Father in Heaven will always give us the help we need. WE need only to ask.
I love you all!(And am thankful for all of you too!)
Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEK:*Sister Schaap and I working with a branch missionary when a child comes up and starts talking to us*Child: *looks at me* you are Elsa. *looks at Sister Schaap* you are Anna! *looks at our branch missionary * and you are Olaf!Branch missonary: Dont worry Sisters. I know my life. I am an Olaf


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