February 12, 2019



Is this what America feels like?

Victoria Justice McKendrick Tue, Nov 27, 2018, 7:40 PMto me, Brett, K, Anika, sarah.nye, cayden.vanorman, Joseph, erika.dalisay, Johanna, caitlin.bingham, emma.hostetter, nicole.burkardt, clarke.eliza, Natalia, Alyssa, Gilleb, Brock, Abigail, queenie.estrada, Richard, Lisa, Katie, Natalia, Sydney, Casey, Celine, joremie.custan, SiearraLots of angry white old men told us very sternly they didn't car for our message this week. Well let em tell you here I can probably talk to anyone sit down with them and share them a thing or two about the Gospel so all these people telling me I am sharing is evil was a little shocking but I dont know maybe these old men got bit by a snake earlier in the day and then they turned all mean. ANYWAYS I was thinking about all those brave missionary souls who deal with that stuff everyday and I have one thing to say to all of you...
Kaya ninyo! Bisan kon gahi gyud sila...padayon lang mo!!!!
You can do it! Even if they are hard hearted you just keep going!!!

We have been trying to teach everyone we can! I mean we always try to do that but sometimes you just see someone on the street and you think "Go! GO! GOOO!" because you jsut gotta share this message!
We shared with a family who are members they've had a hard time Nanay was just in the hospital and her grandson stepped on some broken glass this week. Just not an easy week for them. But let me tell you the Nanay was so thankful for the Gospel this week. She is so lovely and I love teaching beautiful souls like hers!
We went to a monkey sancutary it was bananas!!!
Haha mga monkey are scary.

I love you all got ahead and Light The World this December!!!!
LOVESister McKendrick

*At District meeting and doing a "how well do you know your companion" game*Elder: How many times has Sister Mckendrick gotten sick on the mission?S. Schaap: *writes number on board behing me*Everyone: That is accuarteMe: What|? What is it- oh.
She wrote 10,134,456
The pic with teh sad kid is reall funny becasue he wasnt sad he jsut pretended to be sad every picture because he was just being difficult like that. LOVE HIM


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