February 12, 2019



It has come full circle

Okay so when I was in middle school I helped out some organisation make bags of rice and stuff for people who need food in forigen countries. At the end of the day I thought "Does this stuff even go to those people?" 

Anyways about two days ago I am sitting inside a house that is kind of being held together my bamboo and lots of string and the son walks in and hands the mom a bag of rice from one of those charites. It was really cool!
I am really thankful for all the charities that try to help all these wonderful people. It is really sad to see people not know where their next meal is coming from and I am happy to see them happy. 
Speaking of charity...IT LIGHT THE WORLD!!! My roommates and I tried to set this off with a bang and go caroling and well people just kept on thinking we were asking for money and it was all pretty funny glad some people felt the Christmas spirit.
I had exchanges again this week! I love working with all these Sisters! 
Last night we were shairng with Sister Arlinda and she is a bit of a feisty one. She always asks silly questions but last night she was being extra...extra and by the time she asked how tall Jesus Christ I decided to figure out what she really wanted to get from our visits. I asked if it was more important to know the height of Jesus Christ or if it was more important to know the Gospel He shared. This helped the lesson immensely and she went from not really caring to what I believe is someone willing to act and follow the Gospel.By the time Sister Schaap shared I could just feel the Spirit so strongly and I was so happy to be witnessing miracles all the time.
I love being a missionary. I say it all the time but I really really really love being a missionary.
When you know what you are doing is true it makes every day worth it. 
If you haven't read from The Book of Mormon. Please try. I know it is true and if you read it and pray and ask God if it is will receive an answer through the power of the Holy Ghost and honestly it is either true or it isn't but the best source of truth is received through the power of the Holy Ghost.  
I love you all so very much!
Love,Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEK:Me: What should line of the week be?Sister Cragun: "What should line of the week be?"


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