February 12, 2019



Twas not the arts and crafts I expected

So let me get started by saying  Christmas Conference was amazing per usual. Did we have the best skit this year? well actually Io thought we were but there was this other Zone that had perfectly choreographed an entire conversion story to a pentatonix "carol of the bells" song and well yeah no, they won. I am not bitter though I feel like it would be a cool youtube video to watch. Sorry I dont have it.

ANYWAYS. there was a branch Relief Society Christmas activity and it was bumping!! No arts and crafts here! Literally because they had all these old Nanays doing relay races and falling over and instead of stopping the game they just yanked them back up and wow I like their grit. Twas a delight! 
SAD NEWS: Sister Cragun has offically gone home. I am happy that she gets to see her family but man after dropping her off we Sister Menden, Sister Schaap and I were all like "Now what?" Very fun!
Being in charge of two trainees has been an adventure these past two days. The last two days has basically been me telling them they need to lead, they start the lesson, I share the lesson, I give the lesson back to them, they suddenly forgot all the Bisaya they have ever learned, I wait, They remember some Bisaya and share, and  then close and testify.
Haha its been fun! Seriously Sister Menden and Sister Schaap are just a non-stop party of fun! So happy I get to be with them!!!
I know I say it all the time but I am so happy everyday I get to share the Gospel as a Missionary for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
I am so thankful that He loves us. That through his Atonement we get to be clean again.
I love! I hope the cold weather that you feel finds its way here! Dotn forget to pray!
Love,Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEK:*after the billionth realy race*Nanay Carmen: The game is over
She then gets pushed back into the game because R.S doesn't allow quitters


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