February 12, 2019



Malipayong Pasko!

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a great Christmas! This Christmas was as hot as usual! The fun thing that happend this year was that the two trainees in the house on Christmas Eve declared that we are going to re-enact the Nativity and so we all quickly dressed as fast as we could. Sister Menden was playing Mary and Jospeh, Sister Veitch was a shepard, I was all three wise men at once, and Sister Schaap was the narrator, angel, and star all at once! It was fun as Sister Schaap read the as scriptures and well I know sometimes its hard to be far away from home when it's Christmas but as I was sitting on the floor contemplating life while Christmas music was blasting one song was saying for us to count the things we've been blessed with not eh material things and so I started doing that and I really have been given so much here in this life. So me giving 18 months to show my thanks is not so hard when put in perspective.
We have a baptism coming up on Saturday, also my trainer Sister Murphy gets married on Saturday, WOW life happens fast. Too many exciting things at once!I hope you all had a Merry Christmas I love you all!!!LOVESister McKendrickPICSJunior STLs held a meeting and started it with David Archuleta singing "Glorious", Christmas Karoke Party @ the Church, Me and my Miss America Companion, Filipino Santa (check out his fake nose!)

LINE OF THE WEEK:Me: We have to hand out all these pass-along cards before we go home. *gives Sister Schaap tree of life pass-along card*Sister Schaap: *turns to random lady* This is a picture of a Christmas tree *turns to me as lady just grabs card and walks away* I messed up


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