February 12, 2019



2019 got here!!!!

 want you to know that at midnight on new years fireworks went off and our neighbor blasted "What does the fox say" for the entire neighborhood.Very cool!! 

We've been getting punted a lot. It isn't the easiest thing but we keep trying. Lots seem to not want to know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ but hey I am just here to invite them to learn. It's totally up to them. I love sharing the Gospel though.
I really really love sharing things that help people click. Like for example most people know Christ came to Earth. This is true. He established His Church. This is true as well. And so our question is with all of the Churches here on Earth today which Church is His? 
I do not believe we are left to wander and hope everything goes alright. I do not believe men can be saved in ignorance. I do not believe men can be saved in their sins.
I believe that Christ came to Earth. He established His Church. Ordained Apostles and with that we are given the choice to follow His Gospel or not. 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the same Church Christ established so long ago. We are to act with our faith and I just spent an entire year waking up everyday trying to help people understand His Gospel. It isn't easy but just yesterday I was asked by someone we were teaching why I chose to be a Missionary and well..I've got a lot of blessings so I dont think it is so hard to give 18 months so that they might come closer to their Savior.
I hope you all have a great New Year and try to do a really cool thing this year. I just hope you all have a great time.
Love yous!
Sister McKendrick
Me: Hi where's your momLil girl: She is on an errandLil boy: No shes not she is hiding behind the door! Mom you're behind the door!Lil girl: *looks at door to receive directions* She has moved to Dubai and you cant come backMe: okay see you next weekLil girl: Okay Bye Sister!!!!!


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