February 12, 2019




Hello Everybody!

Thsi week was great. More and more people are progressing and it makes my heart so happy!!! Sorr this wil be short this week but I love you all so much!!!!
haha I was jsut gonna send a really short letter but it turns out I have more time than I thought. So heres what happened.
I was stressed. My comp and I have been working real hard but no one seemed to be progressing and well its just been slow. This area has been known to be a bit slow. But we have been teaching Melly recently and everything seems to be changing. She opened up to us about how her child died last month and how she misses her. My comp and I shared with her about how her child is not lost. She has foudn so much joy in the light of the Gospel that when her neighbor joked she was going to join the "Mormons" she said "What they are teaching is true! Its better than what we get at church! " and she share what I know to be a testimony growing inside of her and I know the pain in her heart right now will only turn into love as she learns the truth of the Gospel. We met her on an ordinary day. I didnt get a huge overwhelming feelign to talk to her. I jsut felt like I should say hi and I am so happy of what has come from that. 
We are all children of our Heavenly Father. He loves us and He just wants us to return to His presence.
Bye Bye!!!
With loveSister McKendrick


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