February 12, 2019




Flash Back: Me. Working in Basak. I am thinking how I never want to be an STL in City zone because that place is crazy .
Currently: Me, an STL in City Zone, presenting stats to all the other leaders like I know what I am doing even though I have no idea what I am doing.
Yes as you can see dreams come true! But in all seriousnes I love it here. Thsi place is so crazy because the city is definetly a city but it is also a mountain. Exhibit A: Me and my comp teaching a lesson out of breath becasue we got to their house from climbing a cliff. 
Seriously though City Zone is ahmazing. The temple is right by our house and I love seeing it! Most of my mission I have been far away from it but now I am so close! I love it! 
Leaving San Carlos kinda broke my heart a bit. So much love I have for that place and all of Negros ( Negros is an island). I had to leave my trainee Sister Schaap she is jsut so wonderful and well she's jsut gonna do great things here in Cebu Mission I know it!
We are doing our best to teach all we can. So many people live in the city. My companion is Sister Aguilar and she is jsut a beam of sunshine. I love her so much and wow so many things to do, people to love, an jeepneys to jump on! 
My Grandfather passed away last week and sometimes are hard. I'll find myself in a lesson or a meeting and I am jsut trying to lock his voice in my memory so I never forget it. But then I feel the peace of Christ lead me to keep on moving forward. I miss him. But he is not gone forever and I am so grateful for that. I really truly am.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
LoveSister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEK:Bishop: Hello Sister, welcome to Kamputhaw you are going  to give a 7 minute talk. Thank you
"Hello we are going to have a talk from Sister.....*whispers to back about my name* Sister Blank.


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