February 12, 2019



Behind door #1!

This week has been good so far! Yesterday so many miracles happened! We are working so hard here and I love it! I mean I feel dead but it is a good feeling too! My shoe broke walking to an appointment so I just tightened the straps and kept on going!! Haha it's awesome!

Yesterday we asked a little girl if there was another path we could take and she goes "yes" she then guides us to this sketchy door/gate thing and she opens it and behind the door is a really tiny path that two dogs are "rolling in the hay"  and it just took me and my comp by such surprise and so we just laughed so hard. 

We ended up teaching her and her family and it turns out her dad is a member of the Church just very inactive. But we will help them!
I love being an STL its a bit crazy at times but I love just helping other Sisters know they are amazing and I get to learn from them all the time!!!! My STL comp is Sister ang and she is just the sweetest!
 I love her she is from Singapore and she is just the best! I love you all so very much keep remembering you have a Heavenly Father who loves you!!!
LOVESIster McKendrick
Line of the Week:
Sister Ang: *Sighs* Struggles of a single 21 yearold Singaporean girl as a missionary in the Philippines speaking Bisaya.


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