February 13, 2019



Miracle moment!

Hey I am running out of time so here is my miracle moment that gets to be in the mission newspaper!!! I love you all! Keep on keeping on!

miracle moment:
The mission is full of trials. I think its supposed to be that way but along this path of rainy days and getting rejected by lots of wonderful people God gives us miracles to show us that we are not at lost but only learning to find joy in the midst of all of this. God wants us to do more. He wants us to remember why we are here so here I am to let you remember that trials have miracles too. The days where no one listens to you, you gain endurance when you keep on trying. The days when you and your companion have a hard time getting along, you learn humility when you pray to God on how you can help. And if you have a day where you find out you are not gonna see a family member again, your testimony of having peace in Christ increases because you realize even more how divine this entire plan is even though sometimes it comes with pain. There are so many miracles. I am so thankful for every single one. But if you wanted a miracle moment that is with a baptism one time my companion and I were walking around trying to find an LA and we hear a little "hello" and comes out a little girl who then came to Church every Sunday for months after having one discussion and then was baptized. 

LOVESister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEKMe and Sister Aguilar: Is something burning?Our roommates: OUR OATMEAL!!
They have no sense of smell so this is a common conversation


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