October 15, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA



Y'all,        Can you believe it! A good honkin year old. I sure can't, it seems like the MTC was yesterday! I am glad it wasn't but you feel. So I have made a whole list of things I have learned and have gained a testimony of, so I thought I'd share a few.
HumilityPatience SacrificeWho I am in relation to GodEternal PerspectiveThe importance of the Spirit and recognizing how it speaks to me & following the promptings I receive Importance of Temple marriage and eternal familiesExact Obedience- CommandmentsSmall and simple things are great things brought to passTHE IMPORTANCE OF THE BOOK OF MORMON.... no big dealThe importance of daily repentanceSabbath day observance- Sacrament
These are just a handful of things I have learned out of like 78493. I am in no way giving up a year and a half, rather He is giving me a year and a half. I cannot explain to y'all how much we have been blessed these last few weeks. We have truly been finding His children that He has prepared to receive this Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! But we know it is because of our faith and diligence that we have been blessed. Every success we have, every great lesson or incredible person we find who is willing to meet with us, is ALL because of Him. There is nothing on our missions we have done by ourselves. Not one moment in my mission have I felt alone in doing this work. Not once have I looked back and wondered how something happened, because the evidence of God's hand in it was right there. This truly is His work. He will bless those who put His work before our worldly desires. As we learned in conference, these are the last days. Are we truly ready to face our Savior with confidence and tell Him that we gave our all and served Him with all our heart, might, mind and strength? We will fall short, but never let one day go by without applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your life. Never Ever, take that gift for granted. I have such a testimony of this work. I know that this is Jesus Christs church and gospel. I am so eternally grateful for this time here and have every intention to made these next 6 months the absolute best. I love y'all! 
Sister Simons💕


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