August 27, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


Sister Kenney Butters My Biscuit

Man, I am so Southern huh? LOL!
   How are y'all! I didn't do a voice recording so I will email something super quick. First off, I got my new Companion Sister Kenney. I have been breaking her into my sarcastic humor by introducing her to the people in our ward by a different name everytime. Hey this is Sister Kenneth or Kensely HAHA. But for reals, she's super chill and we have a blast together! Last night I talked her into kissing a frog, my poor companions have done the weirdest things against their will. LOL. Ask Sister Terry, she got the worst of it! She sent me a video y'all that made my week. Oh how I miss her and long to be with her again! Anyways, this week has been good! Yancy is still on date and Audra wants sooooo badly to be baptized but her Baptist husband is holding her back. She is so close though. She got a blessing yesterday and in it he told her that when the time to ask her husband if she can be baptized comes, she will know. It was so powerful! We are working with so many amazing people and I am seeing myself love them more and more with the most genuine love I have ever had in my heart. I love y'all, I love my mission but mostly I love my Savior, Jesus Christ! Ps. I cut some hair this week!! 
Sister Tiersha Jo💕


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