June 6, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


Wicked Wednesday in SC??

Ok, so much to say in such little time! 
   So it's not Monday! Today was our P-day because guess what? WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE! Y'all I can't ever even explain the love that I have for the temple. It's literally impossible. Being able to be an ordinance worker before my mission completely changed the strength of my testimony on it. And now I am serving in an area close to my first one, and we are in the area the temple is! So we only get to go every 6 months, which means I only get to go with the mission one more time before I am home! Can you believe that! Next month I'll be half way! Then it just goes so fast from there. Ok, so I had an incredible experience today at the temple. I haven't been filled with that much peace and comfort in soooo long. I couldn't stop smiling! Oh, and I also totally cried too... awkward. But that's just how much I love it! Ok, so in the temple I thought a lot about how I want the temple to be a regular thing in my life. I want to marry someone who will take me often, who will cherish the time there as much as I do. I can't wait to experience being sealed to my husband and family for eternity! Like, what?! I hope we never forget the eternal aspect of things. Especially marriage and family. I just can't even express my gratitude for that promise. So comforting! 

Next thing, I have been so immensely blessed on my mission so far. I have had many amazing life changing experiences that have changed my perspective, and my life. But mostly I have had experiences that have brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior. So to be quite honest, I have always struggled with prayer being a two way thing. I've been in the habit of just saying how I feel, asking questions and then moving on with my life hoping to get something out of it. NO NO NO NO! I've been doing it wrong this whole time! (there is no "wrong" way, you know what I am saying) So the other night, my whole perspective on prayers changed. So before my prayer, I wrote down the things I wanted to say and the questions I wanted to ask. In between each question I paused, and allowed the spirit to give me an answer, and then would write down my impressions. The level of deep connection I had with my Heavenly Father was something so sacred to me and brought me the most joy. It's not that he hasn't answered my prayers, it's that I wasn't even letting Him have a chance to answer them! And the impressions I got where amazing too. So, if you are struggling with prayer, I invite you to change the way you do it. Give the spirit a chance to tell you the things Heavenly Father wants you to know, and write them down! You are literally talking to the God who created you, HE IS YOUR FATHER! Anyways, my life has changed.  

My life has also been changed in the most negative way as well. The other night we were at a lesson and, in the middle of it, the woman's brother interrupted and told us to come eat this African dish He made. At first I was like, "Heck yeah!" Oh but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. So he gets us some soup thing with this super squishy meat stuff and bones and a whole bunch of things I've never really seen in soup before. Anyways so I am still like "Oh this is so fun" blah blah blah. So as I am about to take a bite..... I'll try not to throw up while typing this. But I saw something super weird looking so I take a look and what do you know, ITS A SNAIL! BARF. I was like "WHAT?! IT HAS A FACE!" and the guy proceeded to say how yummy it was and how it's a luxury blah blah, and being me, I was trying to gain respect and totally come off as cool so I was like, yeah imma totally eat this snail, easy right? So all three of us put it in our mouth and start chewing. Sister Dalley was a champ and was fine, lame. Sister Gardiner, not so much. And I was like, instagagging. Like 40 times. I tried SOOO hardddddd! So as I am gagging I look over and Sister Gardiner leans into her bowl and throws up! Then I had to grab a paper towel and spit mine out. Oh my gosh ya'll funniest thing you could ever imagine. It was also the worst thing in my whole life! And then they go on to tell us the squishy meat stuff is like cow skin or something and oh, y'all I wouldn't last two seconds in a foreign country, and I know Heavenly Father knew that! Well, this is the most solid email I've done in a while so enjoy! #trio_lyfe. Also, S/O to the love of my life T, I miss my honey so much and am kicking it in SC for her💕 If I didn't email you it's because we are super short on time but please know I love you!
Ps. The elders made us breakfast before we left for transfers🤙🏼
~Tiersha Jo
( Sister Simons)


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