May 14, 2018


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On Mon, May 14, 2018, 10:26 AM Tiersha Jo Simons <> wrote:
Hey Y'all! It's been a few weeks!... Oops! Well, these last few weeks have been just incredibly awesome! So many tender mercies and mini miracles! So we are working with two 13 year old girls who are both on date to be baptized this Saturday and the faith and spirit they have about them is just amazing. They literally just glow. We've been so blessed to have seen their spiritual progression. There's nothing like giving someone the missing peace in their life. When they are lost or confused we can always seem to help them through this gospel and through the truths we know. They just bring everything together again. This gospel provides so much clarity and answers so many life questions and the best part is it all makes sense. It all fits together. We ran into some Jehovahs Witnesses and they started Bible bashing us and ahhh I loved it. If you know me well, I can pretty much hold my own in a verbal fight. And it wasn't a fight but I was definitely able to defend what was being thrown at us. We stood there confidently testifying that we KNEW the things we were saying were true. We ended up agreeing to disagree but my testimony grew so much in the fact that I knew without a doubt that what I was saying was true. My amazing companion was right there to back me up with her testimony as well. This gospel is not only true, but it brings us so much knowledge. Before my mission I wasn't the best at daily scripture reading to be honest. I could never really get as deep as I wished. Being able to take time and focus on studying the words, man, I've learned so much that I never knew before. I have truly come to know my Savior as I dedicate time to read and learn of Him. Praying helps too but when you are applying prayer, studying and church attendance, you realize they are so essential in our spiritual progression. If we can make those three things a top priority in our daily lives, imagine the spiritual strength we can have in a year, or 10! If you aren't praying daily, start! If you aren't studying the Book of Mormon, start! If you aren't going to church every week, please start. Don't let another day go by that you don't do these things. They are how you will become more connected with your Father in Heaven, how you will be able to see His hand guiding your life. You will see so many tender mercies as we have seen so many recently. When you turn to Him, He blesses you. We know that because we've experienced it personally and as a companionship. I know my Savior lives and loves us  more than we can ever understand. Don't ever think you're too lost or too far gone. He has never left you alone, and if you turn back to Him He will prove that. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, He is my best friend. The one who I can rely on, the one who truly motivates me to be better. I love y'all! Till next week💛💛💛
Sister Simons


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