April 23, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


Listen Up Y'all

    This week had been so awesome! There is nothing better than being a missionary! This week I've been showing my trainee how it's done. She's been so willing to work and her testimony is fire! I am so blessed. Summerville has my heart, there's no better place to be! Missionaries call it the promised land, I know why. I've been here since December! Speaking of that. Y'all, the time is going WAY TOO FAST! Please send help. When I am done training I'll be half way through my mission. It makes me sick to think about honestly. 
But let's not talk about it:) 
   So, this week has just been go, ,go ,go! I am breaking my trainee in ever so quickly. It's worked though, she's been gaining confidence and is falling in love with missionary work. Which, if you give your all to your mission, it's inevitable. You will just love the people and the place and your Savior with all your being. I know because it's happened to me. That's why the time is just flying. AHH we can't talk about it!
 I love y'all so much! Thank you also for watching our Facebook vidoes, it means a lot! We love running into people and have them be like "Oh yeah, I was watching y'alls Facebook video the other day" It makes my day! Well, keep it real alright y'all?
Sister Simons


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