April 16, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


Bless Up!

    Oh my goodness, where to start! This week was full of so many events and emotions! So as y'all know I had to send home one of my best friends! Ahhh, I already miss her so much. She taught me so much and really was such an example to me, so needless to say, letting her go was tough. I get to see her on the 29th though and her whole cute family!!! I am so stoked!! I love you Sister T! It also makes it easier to know she is in St. George so when I get home I can force her to be my friend and room with me again. Anyways, I could go on for years about how much I love that nut!
So in case y'all didn't know I am a mom!!! And by that I mean that I am training! Her name is Sister Gardiner and can I just ask what I did to deserve such incredible companions? Like seriously??!!! I think Heavenly Father loves me a little. She is 4'11 and is from Casper, Wyoming. Cutest little soul I have ever met. We've been feeling the spirit so strong these last few days and I pray everyday that I can be the trainer she needs to starts her mission off right! Being a trainer has already been so humbling. I know that my Heavenly Father is putting such trust in me and I am not going to fail Him. I have every intention to be the best example I can possibly be for her. To truly show her how incredible missionary work can be if you are consecrated and exactly obedient. Even though she came already trained, I will do everything I can to help her reach her full potential and nothing less. 
We've had fun this week. We did the chicken dance at the grocery store with all the employees, we caught frogs and we got new investigators! Also, it's almost summer and the humidity is already started to overwhelm us. We walked out of our apartment yesterday and got hit with a wall of hot humidity. So pray for us because if we stay in Summerville we will be here until July, SOS. 
Well, I love y'all and can't wait to report our success next week! 
Love,          your fav,             Sister Simons💕     


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