April 9, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


MTC Round 2

 These last two weeks were just incredible to say the least! I am so blessed and I want to be a missionary the rest of my life! So for starters, shall we even talk about Conference??!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! Like What?! I have such a testimony of Prophets! How can you not after watching that? He's so awesome and we are so blessed to have him guiding us. These are truly the last days and we need to stay worthy of the Spirit or we will not make it! We need to strive everyday to live the way Christ would have us, so that when we are faced with trial and temptation we can be strong and have the power of Christ within us. Oh, it was just beautiful, all of it. 
But, this week was too awesome to not talk about. So Sister T and I had the opportunity to attend and teach at our stakes Mini MTC. All the youth of a certain age attend three days of the coolest missionary experiences, just like the MTC. Our mission president gave them trainings and us missionaries were able to train as well. Sister T and I got to teach three classes on how to receive personal revelation. It was so neat to interact and hear what these future missionaries had to say. They are going to be amazing one day! We also got to individually teach the missionaries how to present the message of the Restoration. All I can say is the spirit was so strong the whole day as full-time missionaries and future missionaries got together to help and strengthen each others testimonies! AHHH It was so awesome. We made many friends and had a great impact on some. We met so many youth who had changed there minds and want to now serve a mission because of the experience. I will never forget the way I felt as I looked at these youth and saw their potential as missionaries, I mean wow. 
Ok, now for the party stuff. The Flowertown Festival that Summerville holds is SO FUN! It has rides, southern food, and shops and more shops and even more shops! It beats any of the St. George events by 1000. No offense St.Geezy:) But there were soooo many people. Y'all have to go sometime! We went with our "parents" and they showed us around the place. So that was the fun part of our week.
I love this gospel so much! I love and miss y'all like crazy! This week I hit my 6 month mark, I am in shock at how fast the mission really goes. One more year to represent my Savior and I will do all that I can to be the missionary and person He needs me to be. Thank you all for the support and prayers! I feel them. How blessed and grateful I am to have such supportive family and friends. 
Also shoutout to my sweet Grandpa, It's his 23rd Birthday this week!!! I love you Gramps!
Sister Simons💕


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