March 26, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


When You Choose Your Path, You Choose Your Destination!

Hey Y'all!
    It's your girl T here live from Summerville South Carolina! I'd like to first announce my mission is flying by and I have been out pretty much 6 months! That means a whole third of it just flew by! Like what the heck? Anyways, this week I have some stellar stuff to tell y'all so sit down and enjoy what I am about to put into your spiritual tank.
Ok, so picture this.
We know that when we where in heaven before this life there was a counsel. Heavenly Father made this earth and we all knew we would have to endure life there. Satan was cast down there and so it was wicked and we knew we'd have to go through this life with the adversary tempting us day in and day out. We all were probably like " Are you sure Heavenly Father, like maybe we can go to this other world over here, like this one would be nice...?" Haha, but seriously. And to be honest we were probably a little hesitant. But then Heavenly Father is like, "No, what you don't understand is I am sending Him down with you." Pointing to our Savior. Then we are like "YES, ok, we can do this!" With all of the confidence in the world, or heavens I should say, we agreed to come to earth knowing we would have our Savior Jesus Christ by our side at all times.
 Then ok, think about it the other way. Heavenly Father is explaining what our Savior will have to do and He's like "Father, are you sure? This will not be easy." Kind of a thing. And Heavenly Father says, "No, what you don't understand is I am sending all of them down with you" And the Savior turns around to see a whole army of us supporting him with all of our beings. He then agress without hesitation. 
Moral of the story is we need to be one with our Savior. We need to rely on Him and apply His Atonement daily or at least often. With that being said we agreed to support Him as well, we need to strive everyday to be someone the Lord can rely on. Someone He can trust to share the gospel, to bring others closer to Him.
Now, this isn't inspiration from me unfortunately. But Elder Klebingat of the 70 came and did a mission tour. He spoke of obedience and who we truly are. We are literal children of our Father in Heaven. It was so neat to have him here. He spoke in conference in October 2014 and his talk was entitled "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" Its and incredible talk to read it. Also, fun little side note, out of all the 50 tables he sat at ours for lunch. So pretty much I am blessed to have eaten lunch with Elder Klebinagt. It was so rad. I love this gospel and I love y'all so much! Keep it real, would ya?
Sister Simons


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