January 29, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


New Hommie, Same Summerville

     Man, I got so lucky this week with getting my new companion. But before I go into that I need to tell you about my week, because I know you are dying to know the life of Sister Simons😋 So we were able to play volleyball with the youth for mutual which was so awesome. This ward really wants us to focus on the youth so they will want to serve missions because I think the desire is low. But it takes everything in me not to look them all in the eye and be like "Why in the world would you not want to go on a mission, are you insane???" But as a missionary I bottle it up and take it out on the volleyball court🤘 But seriously, this is directed to those who are wondering if they should serve. It's easy to have doubts, it's easy to start school and start your career. But I can promise you, as a representative of the only perfect person to walk this earth, that Nothing at this age is more worth it. Nothing at this age is more important. NOTHING is more rewarding than serving a mission. Trust me, it can be tough, in fact to be straight up honest, it's extremely tough. But Elder Holland said something that completely changed my perspective. He said (completely paraphrasing) Serving a mission is hard. It's hard, but exaltation was never easy. Our Savior came down to earth and suffered in Gethsemane and then was crucified on the cross for us. I can imagine every single step of the way was difficult for Him. So WHY would we expect it to be easy for us... when it was NEVER easy for Him?" Yes you have to leave your family, your friends, your phone, your dog, your girlfriend, pretty much everything. But I know that it is because of Him I have my family and I love them so much that a year and a half is nothing. I owe Him so much more than my mission and I will continue to owe my life to Him. I also want to make it clear to those who didn't choose or don't plan to, that's ok. But I encourage you to pray about it. You are no less than anyone else! I just can't even express how much I have grown as a person the last 4 months. I am the happiest I have ever been and I know it is because of the sacrifice I am making. I have met tons of new people and have helped in anyway I can to come closer to Christ. (it's kinda my job). AndI can't even explain the changes in peoples lives. Families and marriages are strengthened, trials become lighter and it's because through us they can feel Christ's love for them. So if you are ever doubting if you should serve, doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith and go to work. I have a long way to go, but if I want people to know one thing it is that I love my Savior, I live to serve Him and being on a mission I have learned His nature and I can say I know who He is way more now since I have been serving. I don't regret my decision for a second. I also want my family to know how much I love them, I want them to know that I strive everyday to be half the example they were to me. I hope this didn't come off overwhelming sometimes when I am passionate about something I get a little too much. But know that I love y'all so much and if there is anything you need from me, please email me. 
ALSO I got my new companion and we actually served in the same ward in my last area so I already knew and loved her! She's from St. Geezy too! She is seriously the best and we will kill is this transfer I know it.
Also I've gained so much weight I know, yesternight a lady was asking me how my baby was coming along. She literally thought I was pregnant. #onlyafoodbabyfornow
Love, T❤️


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