January 22, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA



It's your girl from South Carolina here, 

How are y'all? First things first. If I am completely boring and you hate my emails, please feel free to ask me to take you off my email list! I didn't even think people read weeklys but just let me know! Anyways the work is truly picking up here in Summerville. It can be stressful at times but it pays off. We actually have quite the decent teaching pool right now and I love every single one of the people! We've also been getting to know all the members which is incredible! Everyone has a dog and if you know me I will go out of my way to pet them so I am usually just covered in disgusting dog hair and I smell. But don't stress, I help them come closer to Christ, I just might smell like their dog in the process:) I love being a missionary, in case you forgot from the last time I said that:) I will also be getting a new companion this week! But Sister Lowe and I made sure we got each other presents... A huge Sloth and Koala bear! Typical... Anyways I am expecting things to get even better here in this area so I hope next week I have some good news for y'all! We are working with a lot of part member families and so there is a lot of potential. I love y'all so much and can't tell you how much I miss St. George and those red mountains! Keep it real friends. Say your prayers and study the Book of Mormon everyday if you want true joy💕 I am packing my BOM to the rim and nothing makes me more prepared for the day than that study time. Also we drew each other art, because that's what you do when you love each other😁


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