January 1, 2018


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


Biking For Dayz

Happy New Year!!!! 
    I hope y'all had a great week! I'm half asleep right now so this email will be terrible so beware. So this week has been quite the adventure! Our car has been breaking down so Friday morning we took it into the shop. So, Friday evening at 5:30 we had an appointment we had to get to so we are calling members and everyone really to see if we can get a ride, well no one could. So they posted that we needed a ride on the Relief Society Facebook page and over 50 people saw it but never offered a ride to us:) SO, we had to cancel the appointment. Ok so for the good stuff, Saturday we are like, ok we are going to missionary it up and we are gonna kill life today and get investigators and baptisms and all that missionary stuff right? But, we don't have a car, and no one wants to give us a ride. So we did what any crazy Sister would do and we hopped on our bikes! Imagine this, two girls in dresses, biking five miles on crazy busy roads with no sidewalks praying we wouldn't get hit. Also both of my tires were flat the whole way there. But our prayers were answered and we got to our destination, The Farmers Market. Well, we pull up after an hour of biking and we see the coolest sign of the day "Farmers Market Closed for the Season" We died laughing but were really just crying inside. So we sat next to this homeless man and started talking to him, we got lunch, tried to missionary some more then we had to head home. The sun here goes down at like 5:30 so it's extremely inconvenient. But I filled up my tire and we made our way home. I haven't been that tired and sore in so long, yes I'm extremely out of shape:P So that was Saturday, Sunday we both talked in Church. It was awesome and I just love being a missionary!!! This gospel is incredible and I love being able to live it to my fullest every day. I love y'all and hope you make some goals for this year and keep them!!!! This picture was taken as Sister Lowe and I ate so much Olive Garden. Date of December #2017
Sister Simons<3


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