November 13, 2017


Columbia,South Carolina,USA



   Hey Y'all! 
                  Now that I have your attention, listen up. I'm not coming home. Man, this week has been incredible. The mission is unlike anything else you'll ever do. But in a good way of course. The beginning of the week we were doing some charity at a place and witnessed a drunk man stealing shoes, it was sad because it was rainy and cold outside and he just wanted dry shoes. So after 10 minutes of lying that he was trying to steal the head manager guy let him go. Another service we do is at a service dog place where the dogs are trained, and if you know me you know that is my favorite. This week I've learned a lot and want to share what I've learned with y'all. I've learned that obedience is one thing, exact obedience is another. I've learned that as a missionary, as you strive to be exactly obedient, the Lord will trust you and put people in your path to teach and learn from. I've had a few cases this week concerning that and I know that it is only through exact obedience that the Lord had blessed me with those experiences. I've also learned that I don't know everything, and I can't explain everything the way I wish I could. I came out on my mission knowing that explaining and teaching wasn't going to be my stronger areas, but I did know this. I have a testimony that my Father in Heaven loves me and wants me to be happy and successful, as does He to you too. I knew that even with my weaknesses, through Him they could be made strengths. I know that when I open my mouth to teach the gospel the spirit will guide my words and thoughts. Those who are reading this and deciding whether to serve or not, do it. In the short time I've been here I have been changed so much. I value things now that I didn't before, I have guidance in my life, I know my family will be safe and watched over. But over all, I've been humbled. Being a representative of the most perfect example to ever walk this earth will do that to you. I also was not as knowledgeable in the scriptures as I wished to be. But man, my nose has been buried in the scriptures and my testimony and knowledge continues to grow Every Single Day. I know that by sacrificing the things we love and want most in life, our Father in Heaven will bless us wayyyyy more than if we hadn't. He wants to bless us, sacrifice the worldly things for Him, that's when you're going to see His hand guiding you, and blessing you. Always put Him first. It's funny because my companion is so sweet and is like " will you come to church?" and I'm like " listen Linda, you gotta get your stuff together and get to church like stop making excuses" kind of a thing... so we balance each other out. I just wish people knew the full importance through going to church, reading the scriptures and praying. I love y'all and keep being faithful. Keep it real. Also, we are on 43 sirens so if you ever want to be a cop, come be one in SC haha. I'm praying for y'all always. LOVE YOU!!!



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