November 6, 2017


Columbia,South Carolina,USA



Family and Friends!  
       How are y'all doing? Ok, so this week was insaneeeee. The mission is a beautiful thing. South Carolina is a beautiful! Heck, I live in the jungle! So many beautiful trees and fall makes in that much better. The weather is nice, not too humid. But I am confident that you all won't be surprised that my DNA is flying all around SC right now because in the course of two days I had over 25 bug bites. Mostly mosquito bits and I have one spider bite, but tender mercy because I never saw the spider haha. I've met a ton of people also. I was able to attend a baptism of one of the investigators my comp had before me. So now we are going to be teaching the new member lessons, so heck yeah! So we live in the Summit ward in Columbia. The area is split into north and south and we are in the south. The ghetto. Like if my dad knew some of the places we walked he'd have the next flight out to pick me up haha. We walk on sidewalks that are just COVERED in trash and beer bottles. It's pretty bad. And don't get me started on the trailer home areas we go to. One lady opened the door completely naked with a towel loosely covering her body. It was so uncomfortable but she seemed just fine so I'm happy for her. It's funny because my comp and I are playing a game where we count Police sirens. It's not Utah that's for sure. I've already been scared for my life like a hundred times. And a lot of the people we meet with live in fear of this area.  The lady that got baptized literally got so excited that one of the corners near her house got cameras because her neighborhood is sooo sketchy. We were teaching her a lesson out on her driveway and this black car pulled up and two men were in it and they literally just parked there staring at us for like 5 minutes then drove away. I won't lie, I was a little nervous but I am always looking for those promptings from the Holy Ghost as far as safety goes. Anywaysssss, there is so much good about this place. So many people love love love Jesus. So it's easy to slip in and teach them more. We've had so many teaching and serving opportunities and continue to pray for them daily. Guys, the mission changes you. It helps you see and recognize our Saviors hand in our life on a different level. As we teach people about Christ you can see that light in them getting brighter and brighter as they soften their hearts and come unto Him. I've been making a huge effort to study more in depth the Book of Mormon. I want to come back a professional. It changes your life so study it or else! My comp has been a Huge help. Her name is Sister Lowe and she's golden. She's from Idaho and is just super sweet and knowledgeable.I can already tell I'm changing. I feel submitted to the Lords work. I've already felt humbled in the short time I've been here. The people are amazing and the food is even better! I can't wait for my family to come and visit when I'm finished here. Time will fly I already know it. One day at a time. I love you all and think of you guys all the time!! Keep it real, till next week!

~Sister Simons


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