October 21, 2017


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On Oct 21, 2017, at 11:30 AM, Tiersha Jo Simons wrote:
Friends and family,
How are you ya'll? (Practicing for South C). This week has been crazy.
Like emotional roller coaster of life seriously. Like I'm not a very
emotional person but here my emotions are amplified by a thousand. So
with being emotionally exhausted and physically exhausted, man it's
been a challenge. Ok so about my week.
Guys, Sunday's here are jam packed with busy. But also with the
spirit. We had like ten different classes we attended but the end of
the day we watched Character of Christ by Elder Bednar which was sooo
neat. He was talking to the missionaries directly and just the things
he said and the stories he told, like you can't deny this gospel
Here at gospel college we practice teaching investigators a lot.
There are people who will pretend to be investigators and we have to
find and teach them. It's like a cool acting game. Anyways I fell in
love with our one investigator. Every single lesson went so well and
we left jumping with joy just so filled with the spirit. We met with
him four time this week and he made so much progress. It get me so
excited for the field. Also fun fact I forgot what day this was but
Sister Dalton and her husband spoke to us one evening and that was
pretty bomb.
Brent H. Nielsen from the 70 and his wife spoke to us. Pretty much
we get celebrities all the time. I love my district and they are a
group of some of the coolest kids I've met.
Wednesday and Thursday:
Wednesday was the worst day I've had yet. Just tired and emotional
and had to hang on by a thread. One of the boys in my district
snapped at me when I was making sure we were on the same page for
welcoming the new group of missionaries that night. So at killed my
mood so fast. But meeting the missionaries was so fun and quite
hysterical actually. We had get to know you questions on the board and
the Zone Leader wrote one that asked "if you went to jail for
something what would it be for" one of the sisters said drug dealer
and the other said zodiac killer. So that was new. We all were like
"oookkkkkk moving on" it was hilarious. Thursday that same kid that
made me cry Wednesday made a mean comment to me in front of my whole
class and I just broke down and couldn't stop crying. Crying is for
the weak guys, but spend over a week in the MTC and you'll understand.
But I have the sweetest companion I just love her. We get along so
well and have the same sense of humor. We've made a commitment to let
our feelings out and to support letting out a good cry every now and
then. I did ask my district leader for a blessing so I'll be getting
one soon thank heavens. I joke about it now but it was the worst.
Friday was a way better day. We had our investigators one more time
before we got new one which was sad. I bought a Bolivia shirt and
South Carolina shirt at the store and am actually so stoked about it.
Other stuff: sorry this was not the best email, I have so much on my
mind and am so scattered rn. Anyways, next week is my last full week
and I already have my flight itinerary which is amazing like I'm so
stoked. I miss you all and think about you guys all the time. Dear
Elder the heck out of me please it literally saves my life. South
Carolina is my next step! Also, you're more than welcome to write me
throughout the week because it goes to my iPad and I always have it.
So if you ever get bored I'd love to hear from you! It helps on those
days boys are really mean to me haha;)
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