October 14, 2017


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


It's your girl T!

Friends and Family!!

So I'm pretty much a survivor meaning I've survived the
first 3 days! Guys, the work is incredible and it is real. So I guess
I'll tell you about my week so far.

Wednesday: So Wednesday I was dropped off at the MTC. I obviously knew
I would miss my family and friends but I was honestly so ready to jump
into whatever Heavenly Father had in store for me. I have such a
desire to serve and my heart was about to explode so I wanted to just
get going. With that being said, I didn't cry getting dropped off and
all my roommates laughed at me and pretty much said I didn't have a
heart so that was awesome :p but it's not that I don't care, it's that
I know my Heavenly Father will keep my family safe and bless them, I
was so comforted in the fact that in my Fathers care, I have nothing
to fear. So I dropped my bags off in my temporary home and went
straight to class where I met my new companion. Ps. My room is
literally right next to the vending machines and they are hooooked up
with treats so it's a blessing an a curse because I've already spent
most of my money for the week on stupid white cheddar popcorn. We then
ate a pretty good dinner and just watched as hundreds of sisters and
elders filled the room. We went from there to a huge meeting with all
the new elders and sisters and met our MTC presidency. Our opening
song was The army of Helaman song and oh my goshhhhh. Ok, imagine
this, you're a small city girl, 5'1 and ginger, and you're standing in
a room with hundreds of people your age singing that song and instead
of the words being "and we will be the Lords missionaries" we say "and
we are now, the Lords missionaries." I can't tell you the spirit that
was in that room but if I could I would. That night us girls in the
district had our first bond and became friends quickly. And then we went to bed and guess who has the bed that
whenever you move in the slightest it makes the loudest squeaking
noise, you guessed it, ME!!!
So today was the day
that the elders in our district and we kinda got to bond a little more. We
also taught our teacher who pretended to be our investigator. Guys,
the mtc doesn't mess around, you get thrown into teaching quick and
most get nervous or hate it but it's my jam. I love long class days
and the work structure it's freaking my favorite. I thrive on that
work structure. I was able to bond with an elder in my district at
lunch because he lives in southern Utah and knew some of the same
people as me. He's like total cowboy redneck and I love it. After
lunch my companion and I were chillin when an older
gentleman came and talked to us for a second and then got excited we were new
and wanted to send a picture to my beautiful mother, so he did and the
whole time I could just imagine her getting so excited to receive
that, or she was like, some guy sent me this picture of two girls and
I have no idea who they are;) Oh I can't forget, that night we had the
mtc presidency come into our classroom and do a personalized hello and
talk to us and what not and he asked each one of us to give our
testimonies. That was when we really truly bonded and got to see and
hear everyones reason why they were there and it was so bomb. One of
the councilors said something that night that will change the way I
look at my mission. And with the power in his voice and the way that
he said it was so impacting. He said "Christ gave His life for you,
the Least you can do is give him a short year and a half of yours"
MAN. YESSSSSSS. So as much as I miss people and miss napping for four
hours whenever I wanted, I know I am to be here. Waking up at 6:30 and
not stopping until 9:30. It's the life. And you guys know me, I live
for my naps and binge watching Netflix and eating leftover pizza, so
it must be a pretty great thing here because I don't miss that at all.
Ok maybe a little but it can totally wait.

LEADERS!!!! Totally blessing because three weeks here sounds like a
long time but having that leadership is my thang. I'm so stoked.


Ok, Friday. Dude Friday was awesome. We had the MTC
dedication and guess who was thereeeeee? Only Dallin H. Oaks and Henry
B. Eyering!!!! No big deal hmm. No but honestly, so glad to have been
there during that. We taught our teacher investigator again and I
totally get too serious. Like I get super businessy when in reality I
should be myself, and she told me that. She came up to me and my
companion and genuinely told us we shine. She said there's just light
around us and she sees it. It was so sweet.
Friday was the day we
were just exhausted. We'd been working spiritually nonstop for days.
(I act like I've been here forever). It was one of those days you just
needed something to get your mind off things and my prayers were
answered!!! A girl in our room introduced us to the gym for exercise
time and guess what we diddddd, VOLLEYBALL! It was so nice to get
athletic and run around after sitting for three days and of course
don't worry, I kicked trash because I'm an experienced volley champ.
No, but I honestly needed it so bad. So any exercise time that's what
I'll be doing.


So obviously today is PDay which is like 100% amazing! Lots of
emailing and missionary stuff. But I love you guys and feel your
prayers so thank you from all of us missionaries here at the MTC and
in the field. I love you and am so blessed to have each one of you in
my life! Till next week!!!


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