December 9, 2019




Sister Clark

Prayin in Pepboys

Hello! Time is flying so fast it is already December 9th! 
Christmas as a missionary is a bit different but we have alot of focus on Light the World! We have shown lots of families and individuals the new Christ Child video. I probably have seen it 15 times but I love it! It has been so cool to talk to people about their thoughts on Christ's birth! I invite each of you to watch it and share it with a friend this week! Another fun thing we have been doing for Light the World is caroling which is one of my favorite things to do because peoples faces light up and we have seen so many miracles come from it even though we are terrible singers! 
This week we have Temple Zone Conference and I am so pumped! 
Quick recap: last pday we went to the birth home of Martin Luther King Jr (I am the hand sticking out #shortproblems), we got a new dryer, asked to pray with a guy in an auto shop who flirted with Sis Clark 2 days later, had a dance party and tried to teach Sis Clark some moves, exchanges with our Sister Leaders and I got to spend the day in Peachtree City, Interviews with President Clayton, chocolate dipped 6 bags of pretzels to pass out, service at the Bishops Store House, helped out at the Atlanta Nativity Celebration and passed out so many cookies plus I got to see an old mission friend who came back to visit, church and watched the Christmas devotional! 
Hope yall have a blessed week! Love, Sister Mix! 


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