November 4, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Bennett

Learn something new everyday

Hello! This week was fun, unfortunately all our lessons fell through this week BUT miracles never cease and we were able to do alot of cool things! 
Halloween is a bit strange as a missionary but we had a fun day. In one of the cities we serve in they have trick or treating on the square so we have been filling out Jesus cards to pass out these last few weeks and we were able to pass out over 500 cards!! It was so cool and the whole time I just kept thinking that we can only do this here in the bible belt because people already love Jesus! 
2 days after Halloween that same city had a Deer Fesitval because they are the Deer Captial of Georgia! You dont mess around with parties and celebrations here, no joke the Deer Festival was all day with a deer run, parade, vendors, and of course crowning of a deer festival queen! We volunteered the whole morning and When we got there the lady in charge told us to just make sure that the back room had coffee for people that were coming. It felt a little weird, but we learned how to make coffee and actually talked to a TON of people by doing it. I questioned a few times what I was doing with my life, but we just laughed and went with the flow. We got a free tshirt out of it too, so #worthit
Quick recap: raining and pouring for 3 days, almost getting attacked by dogs on our walks at 6:30am, thought it would be a good idea to make cute treats for the people that we teach but total regrets after the 3rd time at Ingles in an hour, lots of member dinners, passing out Jesus cards to little kids, halloween campfires, set up out Christmas tree, Deer Festival (learned how to make coffee, met a less active from another ward, got free tshirts and froze), Sunday was good ol' church and amazing testimony meeting!Love yall and have a blessed week! Love, Sister Mix! 


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