October 28, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Bennett


Here is Sister Mix's letter for the week. She would love a note from you! When we talk to her, she really is as happy as her letters sound.
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Date: Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 3:14 PM
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Hello! This week we had zone conference which pretty much takes up our whole day with travel and trainings plus lunch and more training so this week felt super fast. Funny story- after zone conference we hurried back to Jackson for a lesson with Sonny(an old stubborn man) and he kept telling us that we werent going to reach him and I just kept getting a feeling to tell him he needs to have an open heart. Once I got the chance to talk I just started bawling and pretty much yelled my testimony to him and told him he needed to have an open heart. My comp didnt really know what to do while I was yelling but at least I got everyone's attention haha. It was the weirdest thing ever so follow the Spirit in what to say even if sometimes you look like a crazy lady :) Being a missionary is literally the best! Sometimes we have a really bad week and sometimes we have an amazing week but thankfully through it all we have the Savior! Something that has been on my mind alot is having joy through the Savior and even in our trials or hard days we can still have joy because we have a Savior! And there are so many examples of this in the Book of Mormon! 
Quick recap: A family fed us Chicken & Dumplings which is my fav southern meal, ran a red light again(I promise I am not that bad at driving, the lights here are just silly), started doing service at the library, a bird pooped on our windshield while I was going 55mph, zone conference, Butts County Fall Festival and Sis B kept saying it feels like we were in a Hallmark movie right on Jackson square, Sister Bennett gave a talk in church, Relief Society class was like a testimony meeting at girls camp and no joke I think everyone shed a tear or 2, had a day of the dead party after church and celebrated our ancestors! Pretty fun week and we are excited for this week to pass out some Jesus cards for Halloween! Have a blessed week! Love, Sister Mix! 


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