October 7, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Bennett

Fav 2 days

This past weekend was General Conference! Can you believe we get to hear from living Prophets and Apostles every 6 months? That's so cool! Basically my favorite 4 days of the year are general conference! There were lots of things that stuck out these past 2 days of listening to inspired words but something I keep thinking about is how important it is to know how to recieve personal revelation and to be True disciples of Jesus Christ. Also I love that everything points--> to Christ!  
Other than that there hasnt been anything crazy this week except for I am staying in Jackson for another 6 weeks woot woot! At this point I think the members are getting tired of me haha 
Quick recap: made our bomb Halloween costumes, I got a priesthood blessing from our elders and it is amazing that we have the power of God on earth, tried to tell everyone and their cats about General Conference, its spooky season now, visited a less active in the hospital and laughed our heads off, sent a glitter bomb to the elders for pranking us about them being in the hospital, sis Bennett and I are obsessed with DQ blizzards, lots of member dinners, thankfully we were able to watch all of conference and basically mind blown the whole time I love that the Restoration continues, plus we had 2 less active members watching a session with us woot woot, then today we had zone pday! Love yall, have a blessed week!Love, Sister Mix!! 


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