September 16, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Gray

Back at it A G A I N

Hey yall! What a crazy week it has been!This week we had Interviews but didn't really because President wasn't feeling well so we had our regular district council then had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders right after! Then we ended up being on exchanges for 4 days haha! I was with Sister Cockrell again (mtc comp) who I love and adore and have way too much fun with! We even recreated some of our mtc photos hahaSo Thursday and Friday we were in her area up in Conyers and taught some really amazing lessons then Saturday and Sunday we went down to Jackson and had some more amazing lessons! And today we are hanging out with all 4 of us in Conyers! Basically it has felt like a sleepover every night haha
This past week was kinda hard and I am not gonna lie. It was a really hard week with what is going on and figuring out everything that was happening BUT through it all I saw so many tender mercies and it was just a testament to me how God is aware of us every second whether it is through a compliment we receive or a short phone call with other missionaries or even your Uncle taking you and your comp to breakfast haha! It has stuck out this week how God is the ultimate planner and knows what is going on.There was a scripture we shared with 2 of our people and  It is Matt 11:28 "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". I love that and I think it is so important to remember we can lean on Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father to help us on our hard days and He will give us rest! So cool! I love being a missionary so so much and love that I get to see people come closer to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel! 
Quick recap: we went fishing and I learned I am not good at it, went to breakfast with Uncle Aus (pic not shown because I don't have any), had exchanges and worked so hard so much fun, Sister Cockrell and I taught about 6 lessons while we were together, we got chick-fil-a and that was the best meal we've ever had other than of course member dinners, church was great and I love the jackson branch and my nickname is now Trail Mix with the youth, Sister Cockrell and I sang a special musical number in church haha and was asked to do it the night before, watched the Young Adult devotional, had lots of fun and laughed most of the time!Hope yall have a blessed week!Love, Sister Mix!!


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