September 9, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Carter

that ain't it sis!

We always see so many miracles! I guess something that stood out this week as we visited Loretta! We have been in constant communication with her but have never actually met her until this week! A few days back we called and taught her some of the Plan of Salvation then asked her to go to James 1:5 in her bible.... but she didn't have James 1:5 in her bible! She only had 4 verses and literally verse 5 talks about asking God! sister Carter and I were mind blown and shocked that people are taking things out of the bible that are so important like knowing we can ask God anything! So a few days later we visit her, she is a sweet older lady and when we showed up she gave us a little tour of her home then we sat down and chatted for such a long time. and i can tell ya Southern people can chat forever. Anyway we bring it back and introduce the Book of Mormon to her. She was kinda funny and didn't realize we were "mormon" so she kept referring to the "mormons" as "they are just so different from us" and "they just raise their kids differently". I wanted to laugh so hard but it was good she realized we were "mormon" and clarified that we actually do believe in Jesus Christ because it is in the name of our church. We explained the Book of Mormon and she was intrigued and we were able to testify of the power and happiness that it brings in our life! My favortie thing about being on a mission is a) watching people grow closer to Jesus Christ and His gospel and b) testifying and feeling the Holy Ghost as we bear powerful witness of the Book of Mormon! Okay I just love being a missionary! 
Quick recap: we cleaned a hoarder's home and we called ourselves the Sister Speedsters but I have literally never seen any more bugs in my life than I did those 2 days, members took us out for sushi and the pic is Sis Carter and i trying Avocado Eel sushi (honestly not bad) nut we also found out sister Carter is killer with chopsticks, we had a great zone conference hearing from President Clayton and went on mini splits with Sister Cockrell, went to the Indian Festival and held an owl, also met a less active there who let us hold it for free and he also told us cool native Indian stories that line up directly with the Book of Mormon, visited with Brother Rabun who came to church on Sunday and we almost died of excitement, we also had 2 other people we are teaching come to church!, Sister Carter and I tried the pizza lunchables and not satisfying only 4/10 recommend, we visited a lady with the longest scariest driveway we have ever seen but she is a doll, lots of yummy member dinners, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about the power of the scriptures, now we are going fishhin for p-day! Love yall and hope you have a blessed week!
Love, Sister Mix!


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