August 26, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Carter

It is raining cats and dogs

Hey yall! It has been a busy week but busy is way good!  I have seen more cats and dogs this week than I have my entire life ahhh! And my count in my recap are only the ones I got a pic of Sister Carter holding haha!Saturday we got transfer news and...... Sister Carter and I are staying together in Jackson! I am so happy and so glad i have at least another 6 weeks here because I love all the people we are teaching and the members are becoming my extended family! Also last week I hit 6 months of being a missionary! Can you believe it? 6 whole months of being a missionary! I have worn this missionary tag for 6 months of representing my family, the church and my Savior Jesus Christ! I can't believe it!!
My favorite part this week was our lesson with Brenda! Brenda is amazing! So she is the neighbor to the member Sister Hard and we also had another member Sister Sanders join us and wow! Seriosuly the best lesson Sister Carter and I have taught together and the Spirit was so strong! Brenda has already read up to 2 Nephi and she had some great questions that thankfully Sister Sanders was able to answer. The coolest part was that we asked Sister Sanders how the gospel has blessed her life and I think it helped Brenda understand how much the gospel could change her life! 
Another fun thing this week is that we had a Stake Relief Society activity and it was how to become everyday missionaries so all the ladies made their own missionary tag! It was so cute and it felt like we were all just gathering as sister missionaries learning how to do the Lord's work! There was a luncheon afterwards and we sat with a  few of the Jackson branch ladies and it just felt like a sisterhood and sister Carter and I both agreed when the time came it is going to be so hard to leave Jackson. I am excited for another 6 weeks in Jackson with Sister Carter and we have some fun things planned and it is so cool to see the Lord's hand in the progress of our area!
Quick recap: did some service at Sister Davidson's and Hamblin's home and Sister Carter cuddled with a kitten (#1 animal this week), met a really sweet Southern couple and we committed him to try reading the Book of Mormon again and we talked about how God is so good in our lives and they kept saying "oooh ya all the time" haha i love it, visited some members who gave us ice cream, Sister Carter has her stash of oreos every time we weekly plan haha, had district council with my fav STL's and a had lunch at IHOP, Sister Carter kept fighting with a dog who would not let us drive out of the neighborhood and ended up running after our car (#2 animal this week), Amazing lesson with Brenda which and ice cream to end that night, visited lots of less actives which included another cat (#3 animal this week), took pics on the magic road, lots of member dinners!, and we had 3 people at church yesterday I wanted to scream the whole time i was so excited!!I love yall and hope you have a blessed week! 
Love, Sister Mix!


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